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Varland Computerized Management System (VCMS)

The VCMS is a licensed software package, developed by our company, that we specifically designed for the finishing industry. The initial version of this software was installed in 1981. Since then, continued computer hardware upgrades and software enhancements have been made to keep up with rapidly changing technological advances. This interactive, multi-user system currently runs on an IBM iSeries mid-range computer.

The VCMS sets us apart from many other platers and offers the following benefits to our customers:

  • Order Identification & Segregation

    The VCMS automatically assigns a unique number (our “shop order number”) to each order of customer parts as it is received. The shop order number is used to maintain lot identity and integrity, and it helps to insure against mixtures due to inadequate identification while parts are in our facility.

  • Order Tracking

    With the VCMS, it is extremely easy to track the status of customer orders. All orders are entered into the system upon receipt. As orders proceed through the production process, production data is updated in real time, allowing us to know—at all times—exactly what stage orders are at.

  • Shipments History

    Historical shipment records are kept for seven years. Accessing these records requires only a few keystrokes. Information retained includes part-related data such as part number, P.O./Lot number, etc., pounds, pieces, and containers shipped; shipment date and destination; shipment method (truck line, etc.), and shipment tracking and/or truck line Pro numbers.

  • Quoting

    Quick access to data allows for fast response time to customer quote requests.

  • Automated Billing

    Billing is integrated with Receiving, Production Control, and Shipping allowing for accurate and timely customer billing.